A downloadable tool for Windows

DPA is a user-friendly wrapper for OBS, allowing non-technical folks to record playtesting sessions quickly and easily.


👺 Dorkus Is Watching!

A cute little guy appears in the bottom right corner of your screen and acts as your playtesting buddy. Start/Stop recordings from a context menu or keyboard shortcuts and watch Dorkus react! You'll never have to worry if you remembered to hit record if you can clearly see Dorkus holding his camcorder up!

🔗 Dorkus Is Connected!

Testing a Steam game? Set the Game ID in the Options menu and Dorkus will open it for you when the app starts.

Start and stop recording automatically when your Unreal-based project opens and closes. (Unreal is currently the only supported engine for auto-record, but more may be added in the future!)

Auto-upload saved recordings to Frame.io for future review.

🎥 Dorkus Is Configured!

Includes default scenes and profile settings for OBS, along with the Input Overlay plugin to capture input while recording.


Created by No Goblin

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StatusIn development
AuthorNo Goblin
Made withGodot
Code licenseMIT License


dorkus-playtest-assistant-win.zip 39 MB
Version 2 Oct 24, 2023